my name is sarah //

here are some things to know...



Q :  why "Sarah Kay"?

A :  Kay is short for Kathleen, my middle name and the name of my beloved grandmother. SO much of who I am is because of her, so I wanted a way to honor her in what I do. And also yes, Sarah is just a really popular name and I need some sort of distinguishing factor to make me stand out just a bit more...

Q :  why photography?

A :  You know that moment RIGHT as a big laugh is about to explode, that mid-moment? That's what I live for, and what I aim to capture. Revealing authentic, natural beauty in its purest form. I truly believe in the power of a single photograph. They can say so much. But what they say to me, and what I want to communicate through them, is that the beauty of a person does not lie in their external appearance but in the authentic expression of their heart. I call myself a mid-moment photographer because it is in them that someone’s heart is revealed, whether it’s at the top of a laugh, start of a cry, middle of a dance move, and so on. Isn't that powerful? 

Q :  why choose me?

A :  Y'all, this stuff make me lose my shiz. I mean, for real. I am like a bouncing kid in a candy shop when I am photographing. I shriek with joy, bounce around, laugh ridiculously, fake ugly cry, karate kick - basically make a COMPLETE fool of myself. But hey, if it can pull out the REAL YOU and make you feel comfortable (because you see how I just don't care what I look like) then we are ALL winners, folks.

...facts and faves


Fave Food: Burritos, strawberries, eggo waffles, cheese, goldfish, fried rice, manicotti (if you haven't had this you haven't lived, friend).

Weird Fact: I always leave one bite of food or one sip of liquid. I really don't know why. So weird.

Travel: I've been to at least 11 countries. Favorite spot is Glendalough, Ireland. Can you pronounce that? :P

Fave Drink: Shirley Temples. Yes, the sprite and grenadine and maraschino cherries magic. No shame.

Fun Fact: I legit can't whistle and it's one of the few talents I really really really wish I had. My dad is a whistling virtuoso and I guess I'm just bitter that I didn't inherit the gift.

Special Talent: I am a classically trained vocalist. I.E. I am a pretty decently (awesome) singer. 


With my boyfriend just a couple weeks away from leaving to the Marines, I wanted to capture some special pictures with him before we started our long distance relationship. I was pretty self-conscious and nervous about taking pictures, but so excited to finally have something I could frame of the two of us. From the very beginning, Sarah was amazing. She held my hand through so many questions, made both of us feel comfortable, and quickly became our best friend. Shooting with her was the greatest date night we've had! I could not recommend her highly enough.

Michaela W.