• Sarah Frigon

Travel lesson #1: the Hawaii chronicles...

Updated: Mar 19

So one of my best friends and I once took a vacation to the beautiful island of Oahu, Hawaii. Of course, you think Hawaii vacation, you think “OMG JEALOUS” or “UGH I WANT TO GO”...and while you wouldn’t be wrong to think that (and the trip WAS overall lovely), I’ll just say that there were a LOT of lessons I learned while on this trip.


Why this lesson, you may ask?

Well, I’m sure it wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to answer that question…

BUT with that said, here it is:

We rented a 2004 Jeep Wrangler using the rental car version of Air Bnb called “Turo.” I had used it a few times already and I actually recommend it - so no, that is not the focus of this story. We were so excited to experience the classic Hawaiian drives that you watch in movies and TV shows: cruising in a wide open jeep with no roof or windows, letting the wind blow your hair, rockin’ the aviators, blastin' the music etc. etc. You get the picture.

We were doing GREAT so far. For the few days that we rented the car to explore the island, we were being smart and making sure NOT to leave valuables in the car for any length of time. This was no easy feat, as we were spending ALL day out and about, which meant taking all that we’d need for the day along with us - extra clothes, camera, wallets, speaker, etc.

But then at one point in the afternoon, we planned to do one of the famous “Pill Box” hikes on the east side of the island. Of course, this being a lengthy hike, there was no way we could take everything with us. So we decided to risk it and park the Jeep in a public place and hide our valuables as best we could. We would only be gone about two hours MAX…

Fast forward those few hours, we return from the hike with a blissful and sweaty demeanor (though it was definitely harder than we expected and someone ahead of us had broken their ankle and had to get airlifted out...but I digress). We unlock the car, hop in, and I notice that my small backpack was nowhere to be found. Correction: ALL of my belongings were nowhere to be found. And the only logical explanation was that within that short time, someone had unzipped the roof and/or windows to the Jeep with absolutely no one else noticing and escaped with all my valuables - INCLUDING my DSLR camera…(and wallet and a bunch of other valuables I chose to keep with me). OH, but all of my friends’ things were still accounted for...we figure he/she was only able to reach one side, and that side just happened to be where MY stuff was. Go figure.

SO I am sure you can imagine the ensuing freak outs, tears, anger, disbelief etc. You get the idea. But God was looking out, y’all, because it was divine intervention that my friends’ stuff didn’t get taken and we still had at least one set of wallet and keys to get us around for the last few days of our trip.

Once again, moral of the story: DO NOT RENT A JEEP WRANGLER WITH ZIPPED WINDOWS.