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Whether you're getting married and want to celebrate your upcoming nuptials (I.e. engagement photos), expecting a beautiful new baby, marking an anniversary, or just want an excuse to kiss on camera and be goofy with your best friend - I gotchu, friends!

Starting at $375



This covers a wide range of options, folks - seniors in high school or college (or even in age for that matter!),  because these are events worth documenting! And let's throw in maternity, cuz let's be real - you mothers deserve the spotlight. If you need some professional headshots because you're still using that old school photo (oh why btw?), I can cover that for 'ya! Ready to mark another year of family togetherness? I LOVE photographing kids! Basically, just let me know how I can serve you and I'll be waiting!

Starting at $350

lifestyle & branding

While you may be an expert in your business, I'm an expert in mine! So let me document what makes your business, service, or work beautiful. I will capture you doing what you do best, or the product that's your reason for doing it, or the place you love doing it in - the possibilities are endless!

Starting at $425

Shoot me a message for inquiries or booking! Not every session or need is the same, so they can be customized depending on what you're looking for!

...and why it's worth it!

I'd like to consider myself an expert:


You wouldn't hire your best friend's accountant dad to do your plumbing, right?? You'd hire and pay an expert plumber (I hope)!

You aren't just paying for the session itself:


You're also paying for the creativity, hours upon hours of editing, crazy attention to detail - not to mention insurance, equipment, etc. and all that makes my job a reality.

I'm not just your average, run-of-the-mill photographer:


My guarantee is that this will be an experience - you will laugh, maybe even cry (I don't really know why, but hey, anything is possible!), you will feel empowered, you will know what it means to "sacrifice for the shot", you will discover my true weird side and become more comfortable with your own, dance around like a fool. And most importantly: You will better understand your inherent worth,  your inner and outer beauty, and feel what it is to be seen. The goal is to reveal your authentic, natural self.


You're gaining a new friend:

Because everyone I photograph becomes a part of my life and my journey - I hope you end up feeling the same!

Check out my portfolio to see a range of sessions!

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By far the most fun photo taking experience I’ve had, Sarah not only makes you feel comfortable in figuring out what attire and poses look and work best for you, but really hypes you up as the shoot progresses! Working with her not only helped me love myself and my own insecurities a bit more, but was easily the most joy-filled photo shoot I’ve ever been a part of. I absolutely loved every photo I got back!

Arianna L.